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March 13, 2019


March 11, 2019

The sign above the road leading in says “Where Dreams Come True.”

For the little people attached to these arms, I believe it.


March 10, 2019

I can’t remember the last time I took an entire week away from work. I’ve taken as many as four consecutive weekdays off before, and an entire span from one weekend to the next?

Well, that’s been a minute. It might have been in the spring of 2010.

This week, in addition to a point of historical note, we’re headed to the big D. No, not Dallas or

De Kalb. Or would that be the big O, as in Orlando?


March 7, 2019

Spring can’t be far away.

Tank is on his tractor back home.

He turns 90 in a few weeks.


March 5, 2019

Happy Mardi Gras to you.

And you.

And you.

And you?  Yes, especially you.

Somebody named Bob Lee posted this image on Pinterest. Let’s go back a century to the village of Mamou, Louisiana for a look at this occasion.




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