“No slaw. Extra toast.”

A south Louisiana microbrewery has rolled out another specialty beer into the market of unique flavors, but no, it’s not supposed to taste like chicken.

We’re told it doesn’t taste like chicken.

The No Slaw – Extra Toast beer was unveiled this week by Parish Brewing of Broussard in a tribute to Raising Cane’s, the fried chicken strip restaurant chain that headquarters in the Bayou State.

This variety, as described by its maker, is a “refreshing Lemonade IPA with a nose of lemonheads candy, flavor that reminds of country-time.”

While we don’t believe there will be any Smokey and the Bandit runs for Texarkana from Atlanta, Georgia, beer drinking fans of Cane’s Chicken Fingers will likely flock to store coolers because of the hints of their lemonade.

That lemonade is known as Meyer lemonade because of the small, sweet hybrid fruits used in the process.

Parish Brewing is using a Meyer purée to make their IPA.

As for our only opine of this dispatch, the name alone gives an idea that you’ll taste fried chicken when you look at the can label before sipping. With that said, time will tell if it’s a hit. It’s already popular on the socials.

For four cans though, you’ll pay for the equivalent of two or three 3-finger combos at around $17.

That’s slightly more than the other oddity on the market. The $12 H-E-B butter tortilla scented candle is on sale now at the Texas grocer.

Do you smell something burning?

Some folks on the socials have smiled at the notion of a candle like that, saying they only need to go as far as their mama’s kitchen on any given day to catch the same buttery whiff.