The videos are generating clicks and laughs. They’re also alarming doctors and grocery store staff.

Milk crates, those plastic cubical webbed containers made to deliver gallons of dairy products to your grocer’s coolers are getting their 15 minutes of fame.

The #milkcratechallenge is a trending topic on social media where videos are recorded of brave (or not-too-bright) participants who step up on a series of pyramid-like stacks of milk crates.

The intended goal is to step up and over the pyramid without falling.

It rarely works that way.

Here’s a sampling from the Facebook fan page “We Be Fooling”:

The real goal lies with those who record the videos, and that is to get as many eyeballs on their content as you laugh as those who fail and fall.

Some of them fall hard.

Hilarity ensues. So do major injuries.

These are injuries, preventable injuries, that worry doctors and healthcare professionals in an already taxed sector thanks to the ‘rona.

The milk crate challenges have been referred to a “Hood Olympics” due to their widespread viewing and participation in Black communities.

So, if you happen to have any milk crates around your sheds or garages and they come up missing, this may be why.

I noticed the crew over at the Kroger supermarket near my job site has discreetly relocated their stacks of crates to an undisclosed location.

Probably a good idea.