You’ve probably seen those little free libraries pop up around the city. They inspired Beau Roessler to offer a free service for friends and strangers alike.

In dozens of locations across Houston and in the United States, you may notice those small shelters along sidewalks that contain dozens of free books you can borrow. They’re known as “Little Free Libraries,” and they’re quite the attraction for people who live near them.

They also encourage literacy.

Beau Roessler, a 4-and-a-half-year-old, has taken the free library concept and turned it into a garage to house miniature cars like Hotwheels and Matchbox cars outside the Heights home he shares with his parents and little sister.

“I don’t know much about toys, but I know much about cars because I love cars,” Beau said as he showed off his garage.

The small shelter in front of his Heights-area home was built in-part by his dad, whose hobby as a woodworker shows through the craftsmanship. It even has a retractable garage door.

People are able to take a car, leave a car or both.

“I think the idea was to trade out. They trade at the park all the time and they love to trade cars,” his mother, Kate Roessler, said.

With the help of social media and stories in the Heights Leader News its popularity has taken off in the short time the garage has been in existence.

Beau explains how his friend, Cooper, was the first customer at the garage.

Beau has dozens of miniature cars of his own. His favorite ones change with time.

“I don’t know where his obsession with cars comes from,” Beau’s father, Alex Roessler, said. “I don’t talk about cars. She (Kate) doesn’t talk about cars. No one knows.”

The origin of Beau’s love for the toys may be a mystery, but it seems he’s always had one close by since before he was a toddler, his parents said.

His idea even inspired me to gather my own little people together for a few moments, though they’re not so little anymore, to look at their toy cars. It had been a while.

Beau and his family believe the little free garage will help bring a little more happiness to their neighbors and beyond.

“This person was really nice and left an extra car,” Beau said as he looked over the new inventory Friday morning.