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May 23, 2018

LAKE CHARLES, La. – Meanwhile, back in Louisiana, my buddy John Ware has been practicing ballroom dancing. This man does not dance.  Well, he didn’t.  Now he dances at least once a week. The endeavor is for the good cause of Lake Charles Dancing Classrooms. The annual Mad Hot Ballroom Gala is one big dancing competition.  The event pairs up some well-known amateurs with some well-known dancing professionals.  John was fortunate enough to be paired with Gambrelle DiGiglia. In the small world department, Gambrelle’s mother, Sarah Quinn Jones, was my youngest daughter’s ballet instructor when we lived in Lake Charles.  In addition to the gala, the teams have to keep up Facebook pages that raise awareness and support for their competition.  John has taken this a step ahead of the pack with great parody videos like this one. The extremely talented producers Jack Woodson and Caleb Lafleur put this clip together. They made it look eerily similar to the original scene from Flashdance.

March 2018- This video from 2018 features Alice Sefcik Sulak, the proprietor of Tom Sefcik Hall in Seaton, Texas.  Mrs. Sulak might as well have walked out of a J. Frank Dobie book on Texas. She speaks with an accent that is all but dying off.  It’s country with a hint of Czech. She explains here why her dance floor is one of the best in the state.

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