60 Minutes profiled the brothers back in 1995.

Public radio listeners may well remember the bluegrass music, Boston accents and gut-bending laughter coming from their devices when Tom and Ray Magliozzi came on the air to shine some insight on all-things-automobiles.

The Magliozzi brothers introduced themselves as “Click” and “Clack,” the “Tappet Brothers.” While I was a listener for years, it was only today as I write this that I discover what a tappet is. (That’s a component in an internal combustion engine, by the way.)

Car Talk was a witty take on automotive problems and mixed in long-form riddles, letters from listeners and compelling banter with callers from all over the country.

Original episodes of the show ended in 2012, but stations still play repeat broadcasts from its national run from 1987 and beyond.

If you’ve never heard them, I highly recommend you listen to one of their episodes here

Tom Magliozzi was 77 when he died due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease in 2014.

Other than my late father-in-law, I may have learned more about how to work on cars from these guys than from any other source. YouTube how-to videos notwithstanding.

“Click and Clack, the Tapper Brothers” from cartalk.com

The end credits of each show may have been a favorite of mine. They were partial to their law firm, Dewey Cheatem and Howe. There was also their Russian cheauffeur, Picov Andropov.

Here’s a partial list of who ‘contributed’ to each week’s production:

Alignment InspectorLou Segusi
Anger Management CoachKirsten Hollered
Collections SpecialistColin Duboise
Conflict Resolution SpecialistHugo Origo
DisciplinarianDon Fuller Round
Exhaust Manifold SpecialistManny Burns
Head of Front Desk SecurityConstance Noring
Nomadic StudiesRoman Hunt
Second Shift MeteorologistClaudio Vernight
Sexual Harassment Trainer, Frankfurt OfficeHans T. Josef
Termite InspectorLuke Underwood
Undergarment InspectorI.C. London