For the record, I can’t stand stick mics and mic flags in news reports.

I know I’m in the minority on this among my industry. I’ve been vetoed by many a GM over past decisions to ban their use unless absolutely necessary.

I’ll write about the flags in another dispatch, but let’s focus on the stick mic in this edition.

They’re ugly, distracting and outdated. Plus, when is the last time you watched a network correspondent use one? Even if you work in the industry like I do, you might have to dig back in the mental filing cabinet to come up with an occasion. (I’ll help you out here: Howard Coselle on ABC Sports in the 80’s)

But I have an ally in my fight to rid our screens of such phallic abominations. Cue up MMJ OMB extraordinaire Joe Little from San Diego:

Joe gets it. Shouldn’t we all.