It reminds me of the opening dialogue on an episode of the Danny Thomas Show in 1960 where Danny meets Andy “Taylor.” That scene launched the successful AndSheriff-Andy-Taylory Griffith Show that ran for 8 seasons on CBS.

When I went to work in Waco at KXXV-TV, it was hard enough to remember the names of all these new faces.  What made it more of a challenge was that several of the ladies here are named Taylor.

At the time I arrived in July 2016, we had Taylor Corbett (Digital Content Manager, Taylor Dilger (Marketing Producer), Taylor Durden (Weekend Anchor/Reporter), and Taylor Alanis (Reporter).

Fast forward almost 2 years, and we still have Corbett and Durden here (We have to use their last names to avoid confusion).  We’ll soon have Jackson and Powell.

Taylor Jackson will take over producing duties and Taylor Powell will begin a brief internship.

By the way, my wife happens to be a seamstress and a tailor.