Sometimes, I ghost write editorials. It’s a win-win for me. It’s therapeutic and somebody else gets to copy edit and put their name on it.  That saves me from a world of lunacy in the form of social media commenters and the harassment that comes from the lack of acceptable discourse. Here’s one I just finished. -ch

After the shootings in Santa Fe last week, something different happened in Austin and where ever you stand in the debate over guns, you might agree that it’s more than the empty words we’ve heard from our politicians in the past.

Governor Greg Abbott convened a series of round-tables to combat the violence that’s taking our children from us.

Waco ISD Superintendent Marcus Nelson was among those invited.  The Governor’s office says Nelson provides perspective on safety challenges based on his own experiences.

Meanwhile, Corsicana State Representative Byron Cook wants more done.  He’s asked the governor to convene a special legislative session to take action.

That’s definitely something different in Austin.  But I can’t help but continue to worry.

 Remember the last time the state legislature met, the biggest issue facing our lawmakers was a bill over which bathroom people would be allowed to use.

 And now, our Lieutenant Governor tells us that part of the solution is to harden our schools, remove multiple entrances, and address the issue of violent video games.  Even the abortion issue was thrown in for good measure.

So yes, I still worry.

I worry that not enough will be done.  Too many distractions will be thrown into the debate and cloud up the issue at hand:

Our children are being murdered and we can’t seem to stop it.

The late General Norman Schwarzkopf once wrote 14 rules for leadership.  Rule 13 says, “when placed in command, take charge.” Making a decision is the only way to move forward.  Even wrong decisions.

So while we worry, and sit at round-tables… do something different in Austin this time.

Do something.