I FIRST HEARD that phrase in the title of a song from Jimmy Buffett and Martina McBride.  It didn’t do much on the charts, but I always found myself looking for it every July.

I like the day to pass quietly and without fanfare.  Most folks do, I suppose.  I do look forward to phone calls every year from my grandparents though.  This year did not fail me.

I was a step away from getting in the shower when the phone rang this morning at 7:30.

“Happy birthday, boy.”

“Thanks, Grandma, and good morning to you!”

“Tank’s still in the bed and I didn’t want to wake him up.  He needs his rest, you know.”

“Oh, yes, ma’am.  I know.”

Then there was the call from my parents.  Mama and Daddy did not start by singing “Happy Birthday.”  Instead, they began with a verse of “You are my sunshine,” and then started into the traditional song.  I love that.

Here’s to another trip around the sun.