It’s amazing what you can hear when you learn to listen.  It took me a long time to learn to do that.  I still need practice at it.

Here are a few quotes overheard at a neighborhood bar in Waco, Texas last weekend.
“Bush’s chicken is way too bland for me. I grew up cooking on an iron stove.”
“He ended up limping for the rest of the time I knew him.”
“I used to drink this beer when I was in the Air Force, but that was the 70’s.”
“Waylon Jennings sounds like Sturgill Simpson. Were they related?”
“I’m going to Garth Brooks. I said I’d call when I get home. But I’ll probably go out later.” (ironically, Garth played a show in Louisiana and NOT Waco at the time this quote was made.)
“I’ve always got a headache. Probably because my mama smokes meth.”
“Is the red light on? Make sure it’s on. The old man gets mad when it’s not on.”
“I tried to put $8 worth of quarters in there. What the hell is playing right now?”
“Is that whip cream!? No! It’s butter cream! This day got so much better. (Referring to a cake dropped off)”
“I’ve had 3 children in 2 years and I look better than that whore.”
“Otherwise, my sister is a good person. A felon? Yes. But still.”
“You missed it earlier. Nicole was here. She cried in my beer. It hurt. It took me half an hour to get that shit loose.”
“I look like one of those wrestlers. Like nope. She kept pulling on my braids.”