A few years back, our neighbor, Mr. Bill, stopped by the house to alert us about the bees that were hanging around the north wall of the place. 

“It looks like you have a bee invasion,” he said. 
That began my relationship with these fascinating creatures. They caused me to rip out a large portion of our living room, where I found more than 70 lbs of honeycomb. These bees may have been residents in our walls for well over a year, but that’s a very uneducated guess. 
After a few trials and errors, I managed to keep a hive out in the backyard beyond the trees. 
Today, they’re thriving. We harvested the first batch of honey a few weeks ago. Yielded more than a gallon worth. 
Just like farm fresh vegetables taste better than those bought in a store, this is the sweetest I’ve ever tasted.