Hello from the moderately cluttered desk of a news director. So far today, we’ve had a brief meeting with one of the technical engineers about the names of 2 computers in our Ardmore newsroom.

When you log in to Computer 4, you have to use the name “Computer 5.” When you log in to Computer 5, you’re supposed to enter the name “Computer 6.” The technician is a nice older gent who explained he was only doing what he was told. I couldn’t help but smile. Maybe that wasn’t the correct reaction, but it was the most peaceful one I could think of. As of this writing, the problem still exists.

After this productive conference, I spoke with a gentleman who wanted to know how much we charged to come out and cover an event as a news story. Sorry, Sir. We don’t do that. Even though I’d love to have the extra money.

After going through the emails and hyperlinks and whatnot… I ran across a story about an overzealous fan at a baseball game. This teen jumped the fence and ran across the field during the game because he was bored. The security detail not only chased him, but they TASED him. I thought Tasers were only for people who were a threat to others. I guess these powerful shock devices are being used out of convenience now.

Now I’m gearing up for city and school board elections. They’re coming up this Saturday. We have a long way to go before we’re ready to dish out the latest race data from place like Honey Grove, Muenster, and Sivells Bend. Then there are no less than a dozen people running for the city council over in Bells. Only 3 or 4 of them will win. Good luck!