The other day I was driving to work and thinking about all the items on my to-do list. I have several of them. One of those lists is specifically for work items. It lives on a legal pad and constantly fills a page and a half. Some days are successful and I mark off an item or two. Other days aren’t so successful (at least when you measure it by the to-do list.) My personal to-do list isn’t kept on any piece of paper or in any notebook. If it did, it would probably drive me crazy.

On this short trip from the house, my mind wandered from the list to people who live around here. People I know, but not really. The difference is, I haven’t met them even though I know them. Maybe it’s better to say they know me. OK, I feel like I know them.

Paula Booth is the court clerk in my hometown. I know her well because my mother happens to be the judge. Together they work to keep the law in the town (while the police officers keep the order I guess?). Her mom & dad live here. Paula grew up in the Sherman area.

Marsha Telford’s brother is a professor at Southeastern Oklahoma State across the river in Durant. Mrs. Marsha taught me and a few thousand others Sr. English. I learned about Chaucer and Shakespeare and a few others that stick with me.

Then there are Steve McMichael’s in-laws. I believe they live over in Pottsboro. That’s a stone’s throw from Lake Texoma. I hear about them from time to time through facebook.

And then there are the Lenoir sisters.

“Oh, have you run into the Lenior sisters?”

That’s the question I’m probably asked most often when I go home and mention my current city of residence. Regrettably, I have to say no, I have not run across the Lenoir sisters. But they must be quite a pair. I’ve been asked about them no less than a dozen times in the last 4 years from various town folk in De Kalb. Apparently, they’ve lived in this part of the country for quite some time. But their years in North Texas hasn’t diminished their stature in West Bowie County. They may not know it, but if they did I would hope they’d find that something to be proud of. I know I would.

One time during a short visit to my house to see great-grandchildren, my own grandmother and a few other family members were sitting around the dining room table and the Lenoir sisters came up in conversation. Grandma Suck (pronounced like sook) even pulled out a Sherman-Denison telephone book and looked them up. We never called them though because it was late in the evening. We were afraid we might disturb them I suppose.

Then there’s Mr. Arnold. I can’t remember Mr. Arnold’s last name. He approached me at one of those television station meet & greet events to say hello. We made small talk and I learned he retired years ago from the Comptroller’s office. Even though the Comptroller of Public Accounts of the State of Texas has many employees, I figured why not ask if he knew my Uncle Henry Tidwell. Well, of course he did. He and Uncle Henry worked together many years in the Longview area.

And there’s the nice couple who come to the Proctor family reunions over at the FBC De Kalb Family Life Center every year. I’ve seen them around here too. They told me last week they may not make it to this year’s reunion because they’re taking their grandson to New Mexico on vacation. Maybe next year. (Side note- my great-grandmother was a Proctor. Her father, Papa Ben Proctor’s descendants number in the hundreds and they’re spread across the globe while many of them still keep a De Kalb or Simms address.)

And maybe I’ll run into the Lenoir sisters one of these days. Maybe before next time I’m asked about them when I go home. This has turned out to be a to-do list I don’t mind having.