Here in my office just outside the newsroom, you can hear and see a lot. It’s what you don’t see and hear from the people who pass my door as they hurry about their day that can make the workday interesting.

Nothing in particular here. There aren’t a lot of whispers or gossip. It’s more of a feeling in the air. It’s a feeling of change coming. It’s like the air just before a big spring thunderstorm blows across the horizon. You’re not sure what’s about to happen, but you can feel something is coming.

It’s probably because some people are out on vacation. Others are just out. While at least one staffer is looking for that next career opportunity. Unfortunately it won’t be with us, but they deserve a better career situation than their current one and I support them. It’s almost a helpless feeling I can’t help them advance here.

Every organization experiences this kind of thing. There are old dogs, new dogs, and dogs in-between. Some of the old dogs shuffle out while the new dogs trot in and the dogs in-between barely notice. That’s unless there’s a mass exodus or influx of new blood in the pack. In my tenure here, mass turnover has happened at least 3 times. It scares people. The viewers become worried. The staff becomes anxious. It’s never as apocalyptic as some make it.

It’s not exactly a sad feeling. It’s more of an uncertain one. But it is a little exciting and anxious. Feeling the winds of change about to blow, only to wonder what those winds will bring.