Much has been written and said about the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints football team. I saw some internet postings by native Louisianians who were very tired of all the Hurricane Katrina mentions. One person even suggested a drinking game to be played during the telecast. They said to take one drink every time Katrina was mentioned. Take another when Cinderella was mentioned. Perhaps many Saints fans participated in this because they sure looked crazy and wild down in the French Quarter after the game.
Despite 2005, I love that town. It’s one of my favorite places to visit.
The last time I was there was around 2002. 12 of us rented a 42 foot long RV and left Bryan, Texas on a Friday night. I drove us along I-10 through Houston, Lake Charles, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge. We arrived in town around 9 Saturday morning. We enjoyed the city, the people, the food, the drink, and each other. Since I was the driver, I had the honor of picking how we traveled, the roads we took, and when we left.
We took the long way home. We stopped for lunch in Houma and enjoyed the best meat pies I’ve ever tasted. We capped that stop off with a midday parade down the city’s main street. It was outstanding. I had the crew back in Bryan by 2 A.M. Monday morning.
Here’s a picture of a quarter of our crew in the French Quarter.
I believe this was taken at Pat O’Briens.