One of the many rituals of the weekend is attempting to check off an item or two from a growing list of tasks around the home place. This week’s list had a new addition. One of our kitchen cabinet doors came loose from its proper place. In frustration, I removed the door and propped it against the fridge a few days ago.

Unlike other projects I’ve put off for days, weeks, and even months; I attempted to take care of this one with some sort of urgency. In the process, I managed to ram a screwdriver into my upper lip, which left a small but painful cut.

The pain was worse than the actual wound. As it happened, I just knew it was going to bleed everywhere. I mean it felt like it. As I held my mouth and stumbled to the bathroom for treatment, I thought I could feel the blood pouring from the lip.

Nope. No such thing happened. There was no grotesque wound. There was no major swelling. No need for stitches down at the local emergency room. No need for shock and awe from other members of the household.

I’ve always known I don’t tolerate pain very well but this would have to be a record set for the most pain with the least amount to show.

Take a look.

Does that look like it hurt? You can’t even tell it’s cut, can you? No, I can’t either.

How it happened: Instead of using a step ladder, I climbed upon the kitchen counter with the cabinet door, 4 screws, wood glue, and a screwdriver in hand. I successfully screwed the first top screw in its place and went to work on a bottom screw. As I go to work on the bottom screw, the top screw popped out of its hole, sending the door toward my face. I go to catch it with both hands… I caught it for sure. In my left hand was the screw driver, which ended up in my lip with weapon-like accuracy.

After a few minutes tending to the small wound, I finally secured the cabinet door and looked to see the rest of my to-do list.

Next up: Replacing a rotting back door. Surely that won’t be dangerous.