I recently posted a note on the facebook page making fun of an event at a local watering hole. The event is “Extreme Midget Wrestling.” This isn’t just wrestling. It’s extreme.

For several days leading up to this event, I ran into several people who seemed to be excited about such a thing. They planned to go and see these people fight each other under the banner of “midgetry.”

One of my reporters at the television station pitched a story idea about covering the crew that puts this show together. I agreed because I’d heard enough people talking about it, and wondered what people of short stature would think. That’s one of the monikers that’s preferred by an association dedicated to little people, “people of short stature.”

You can see reporter Maddie Garrett’s dispatch here.

The other big story of the day is winter weather. Of course it was the first story of the 6 O’clock news. The wrestling piece was at the top of what we call the B-Block. One side note about our business- Usually when journalists cover stories at ticketed events, the venue will let them in free of charge. Today when Maddie and producer Stormi O’donnell were asked by organizers if they were coming to the big event, they said they were. The organizers told them they could buy their tickets for just $12.

As for me, I’ve declined to attend.