This is a look at one of those gargantuan roadside signs that clutter the cornfields and cow pastures across the land. It’s of interest to me, since I’m on of the 4 faces plastered up there like some kind of Texoma Mt. Rushmore. This particular billboard is on Highway 75 in Denison.

The reason is worthy of a note here is because it too may soon fall victim to the so-called economic downturn facing this country.

“Mt. KXII-more” may come down next year and not return for the unforeseen future. I think I overheard someone once say the package deal for around a half dozen of these costs somewhere around $60,000 a year.

Sure, that’s a lot of money. But I’m in the business of getting messages across, and its effective. See that guy over there at his desk working his tail off for me though? What if there came a time when I had to make some cuts to the money we’re spending? If I had to decide between his status as a company man and whether my face keeps smiling at the traffic on Central, you know I’ll choose the job.

But I’d rather those boards come down regardless of the economic situation. It’s hard to go to the store without someone telling me the billboard artist made my teeth too white.