I have not felt it so far this year.

I do expect to feel it anytime now.

The late columnist Leon Hale used to write about feeling fall long before the leaves turned and the grass died. He’d feel it as early as August, as last as the fourth week of September and usually long before the cool air actually arrived.

I’m told we’ll feel fall in the coming week when temperatures dip to the 50s in southeast Texas.

Fall is not my favorite time of year. That designation belongs to Spring for me.

Fall gives me an uneasy feeling.

It does indeed stir up a lifetime of memories from home, and they’re a joy to play back in my mind. But when one snaps back to the here-and-now, the reality of the present, and the changes since those recollections were once collected become apparent; there’s an empty, unstable sensation that floods in like a sudden rush of cold water over the soul.

This year, that’s no different. I’ll take good comfort with the first hint of it coming though.