Earlier this week, I found myself immersed in one of my favorite online hobbies: Google Streetview.

If you’ve not seen it, it’s a fancy map feature on computers and smart phones that allow you to actually look at things on a street.  My last venture onto Streetview was downtown Eastland, Texas, and the Majestic Theater. Pretty iconic place in the Crosstimbers west of Fort Worth.

Majestica Theater

I have never been to the Majestic Theater in Eastland, Texas. I’ve never actually been to downtown Eastland. I have been to Eastland County thanks to Highway 6 and Interstate 20 though.

But it feels like I’ve been there.  All thanks to a “google car” that rolls down the road and takes pictures of our surroundings. One time, me and Kenny Boles were on our way to Opelika, Alabama, when we passed a “google car” on Highway 80. Six months later, I found our “image” as we were eastbound across the rolling plains west of Montgomery somewhere. I wish I could find that image I saved of the truck.

Over in Sherman, Texas, you can see my mother pulling into the side street next to the house we lived in back in 2007.


There’s even a website or two devoted to funny images captured by Google Streetview. Just a cautionary word: Not all of the pictures are G-rated. Here’s one of those sites.