Earlier today, I sent this hastily composed message to a staff of 46.

Back in June, it was announced that our television station was being divested along with 8 other stations across the country, at the same time a sale of our parent company was happening. Most certainly, these have been uncertain times for people in my business.

With everything I write, I believe this as if it were part of the Gospel. I thought you might like to read it too.



Earlier today, Eric Duncan told us that the E.W. Scripps Company has entered into an agreement to buy KXXV/KRHD from G(raycom).

By now, we have posted and aired stories about the planned acquisition. In all, 9 stations were slated for divestiture. If you read the press releases out there, you’ll see that KXXV and WTXL in Tallahassee were dealt to Scripps for $55 Million. We (us and Tallahassee) were the most fortunate of the bunch in my opinion).

Some of you may remember that back in 2014, Drewry sold a handful of stations (4 + 1 SSA) for $165 Million. KXXV was part of that transaction.

All that business talk aside, I wanted to send you all a supplemental note of my thoughts on this development.

The headline out of this for you in News: Scripps is a VERY good company when it comes to content and Journalism. The forces within Scripps spell Journalism with a capital J.

While I have indeed been a Raycom Media cheerleader (as you’ve known) for the past 8 years, I’ve always been a fan of Scripps.

Scripps is a company that is committed to what we’ve been doing. The powers-that-be are acutely aware of the good, raw, hard work that’s done by the front-line Journalists, Technicians, and Support Staff every single day.

The most conspicuous event that’s known to the masses is the National Spelling Bee held each year. When you watch those brilliant young people giving it their intellectual all on stage, those are Scripps staffers moderating, and producing a solidly educational program for All to enjoy.

As for me, this is an opportunity to re-connect with dear former colleagues and longtime friends. I’ve already reached out to most of them to inquire what we can expect. As those conversations happen, I will keep you informed.

If you know someone in the Scripps family, please do reach out to them today. Ask questions. Lots of them. Exchange ideas and don’t be afraid to share your honest perspective of your experiences up until today.

If you have any questions on what’s ahead, please send me a message or come see me. I’ll be happy to accommodate as best I’m able.

Remember though-

This. Is a good thing.


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