“…rooms to let, 50 cents. No phone… no pool… no pets…”

So goes the song by Roger Miller.

This time, it’s my station that’s up for sale. It happened a few times in my radio career and once in my television career.

Since Gray owns CBS affiliate KWTX here in Central Texas, it would be tough to get the FCC and DOJ to approve a deal where there’s a station in the same market that’s part of the same group.

So we’re for sale.

That is, KXXV-TV is for sale along with 8 other stations across the country. While my colleagues at the other Raycom stations are obviously concerned about the future of “Graycom”(?), I spent most of the last 24 hours assuring my staff that everything is going to be ok.

Because it will be. But they share the same apprehensions I have.

So temporarily, I’m now competing against the company that signs our paychecks. Strategic planning, budgeting, recruiting, branding, and a laundry list of other tasks will no longer be vetted by my soon-to-be former corporate compadres. That’s going to take some getting used to.

It makes sense that KXXV would be “spun off” while the new conglomerate keeps KWTX. After all, “K-Dubya” has done a lot of things right for the past 60 years and the team there has earned its market dominance. “K-Ex” was bungled, mishandled, mismanaged, and outright neglected by its previous owners prior to my arrival 2 years ago… and it showed.

But I’m proud of the immense amount of work my team has done to right the wrongs, improve the content offerings, and give Central Texas another voice to listen to.

As for our future, I shared a story on my Facebook page yesterday that summed up my feelings about it all: