A while back, I bought this little device that plugs into the back of the TV that’s yet another technological wonder. 

It costs around $35 and takes the video I show on my phone or computer and puts it on the big screen. 
The concept is that we can watch anything online. As far as the laptop goes, it’s not that fast. It does work… Most of the time. 
On the iPhone, it works fabulously. I can even update this space while watching. 
Speaking of watching, I don’t watch much of anything unless it’s old re-runs of In the Heat of the Night. Remember that show?  

It’s set in Sparta, Mississippi around a small town police dept. Someone who has a YouTube account was kind enough to upload several hours of this show. 
If I could find them and offer money for more episodes, I would. I never did see all of the last season on TV.