Today is Robb’s 5th birthday. He’s my oldest boy. 

The one with the toothy grin. He has sandy blonde hair, big beautiful blue eyes, and a precious smile. When you ask him a simple question, his eyes light up, he smiles big, and usually responds with a very slow and deliberate, “Yessssh”
The “sh” on the end is necessary to convey the shear cuteness that is contained within. 
I don’t care to dote on other pictures of children or the parents that post them to social media, but I understand their bias. I understand their dedication. Robb is one of four of my dedicated biases toward children. The precious ones we hope for. Pray for. Dream for. Give to. 
They deserve so much more than we give, don’t they?
Then there are those that dreamed for us. They hoped the best. They did what they could to prepare us for life and life’s wonders like Robb. One of those is James. 
James left this world on this day 2 years ago. Time flies when you’re mourning as much as it does when you have fun sometimes. Has it been 2 years already? Yes, James, it has. 
He was the one with a bellowing “How you dourin’?” And “Whatcha say, Mister C?”
Hours spent on the phone during the night talking about nothing and everything in particular. That was our time. 
Our time to live, laugh, and love. Now to remind Robb about his Doo Pa, and all that both mean to me and us.