I’m hardly on this blog any more. Not because I don’t enjoy putting words on the screen, but because I hardly use my laptop computer any more.

Ah, but there is a solution to my gradual cultural change: the mobile blog app.

That’s what I’m using now, typing words by punching tiny letters on my phone’s screen.

I’ve never gotten used to the touch-activated devices, including this one.

The smart feature known as auto-correct has been as much of a hindrance as it has been a help.

For example, last week, I sent a memo to some of my staff. I used this smart phone to type it all out. When I typed the word “reporters,” i misspelled it and the blasted phone thought I wanted to hurl an explicit word toward my crew instead. The F-word with “ers” at the end.

Several… (ahem) reporters got a laugh at my expense.

Hopefully my renewed interest in blogging thanks to the discovery of the app won’t be deterred by auto-correct or the imagination within.