I remember the radio commentator Paul Harvey. Don’t you? When he would read his daily news & comments, Harvey would also read the page numbers aloud. Who does that?

It added a sense of reality to his brand of radio, which broadcasters are taught, “Radio is theater of the mind.” He also had a knack for creating great suspense, drama, and provoking thought with his long pauses between sentences. These long pauses are known in the business as ‘dead air.’ It’s a broadcaster’s worst nightmare. While most radio people cringe at the thought of dead air, Paul Harvey made it an art form.

I thought of Paul Harvey because of his signature, “Page 3…” phrase. Page 3 is where the
De Kalb News will reside starting in June. That’s page 3 in the Citizen’s Tribune, which is the newspaper of record in New Boston and western Bowie County. Earlier, we’d heard reports the News would be published no more. Now I’m told the publisher changed their mind but something had to give. Judging by the comments on the De Kalb, Texas facebook fan page, the response is positive.

Page 3…