It’s been four months since I walked in the door of another television station and started to work. Where did all that time go? Since we’ve visited here in this space, the ‘new guy’ label has faded a little. The new year brought about a big move for the family. We packed two Uhaul trailers and the longest Uhaul truck you can rent. It was an adventure for sure.

We’ve been so busy around here, only recently did I stop to think about the friends I’ve made back in north Texas and southern Oklahoma. A slight case of homesickness I guess. I’m sure the long list of things to do and the new demands of a new job have helped displace those old familiar feelings.

The worst case of homesickness I ever had was back in the fall of 1996. I’d moved down to College Station, Texas to attend Texas A&M. I was an Aggie. I didn’t join the Corps of Cadets immediately upon arrival but I should have. It took about a week before I did that. The “corps games” were hard. The studying was nearly impossible. I was a long way from home. It took some time, but College Station eventually became home for me. I was never really cured of that longing for De Kalb though. I’m sure nobody ever really is when it comes to their first home place. All roads lead there, you know?