The other night I had a dream I was in a large city. This is notable because I don’t remember dreams very often these days. I’ve been told by somebody it’s probably because I don’t sleep very well. I don’t remember who. The dream was short and I remember being sad.

This episode begins in the middle of a city block with old towering
buildings near and far. I assume this city was New York, but I don’t know. The buildings were brick and mortar with old style windows. There weren’t any glass skyscrapers that I can recall. It was a cold and overcast day. No sun was seen in the sky. Only gray. There may have been ice on the ground, but not much.
All that happens in this dream? I stand there on the sidewalk looking out onto the street in front of me and the towering buildings that dotted the skyline for as far as can be seen.
People hurried by. Cars traveled down the wet and icy road. I don’t remember noise, but I remember the activity around me. I remember starting to feel sad. It was the same kind of feeling you might get when you weep. Or maybe it’s the feeling you have just before you start to bawl. And I felt homesick.

When I say homesick, I don’t mean longing for my home and family here. I wanted to go back to De Kalb and see my parents and other members of the family. I remember thinking of them while standing there on that street corner and how far away I felt from all of them. The irony is (don’t all dreams have some hint of irony?) some of these loved ones of mine have been dead for years now.
The dream fades from memory shortly after the sadness overtook me. I woke up barely remembering I’d even dreamed at all. I may have even awoke in a good mood. This was several days ago, so I don’t remember for sure.
I wonder what it all meant?