Merle Haggard once recorded a song once called “Workin’ Man’s Blues” or something along those lines. As a radio DJ in a former life, I got the chance to play that record (and later CD) several dozen times. I actually enjoyed listening to it the first hundred times… but then like most repetitive practices, it got stale.

Back to the grind of working life after a week away has been an easy transition, but I miss being completely relaxed. Who doesn’t miss that? It’s Wednesday here which is one of my “long days.” In at 9 and out around midnight… which a lunch and dinner in there somewhere.

Other than the purpose of putting my thoughts down in print, the only reason I’m posting today is because I just read an article about how to “future proof” your job. One of the reasons they list is blogging. Read about it here.

See you down the road.