Have you ever looked up one day and realized you haven’t done something in a long time that you should’ve taken care of?

That’s how I’m feeling about these dispatches I put out from time to time. It’s been an adventure since the last time we visited here in these pages. Since then, I went to Dallas and got on an airplane. Actually, I got on a few airplanes in a short period of time. I saw the Carolinas for the first time in my life, but only barely. I got to see some old friends and catch up on their careers, their families, and their lives. I got to see significant snowfall for the first time in a year too. I’m sure there’s more, but it slips the mind.

Oh yes, I remember one more item. After our old Sony television stopped putting out a clear picture, we finally gave in. We went into more debt to buy one of those new thin models that puts out a high definition television picture. I’ll admit I had buyer’s remorse before I even got to the store, but the purchase was worth it. I even ordered it on the internet. In about 30 minutes, the television and the table that I bought to set it on were ready for me to pick up down the road at the store. How about that for convenience? My only complaint is with the business where I bought it. I dropped more than I make in a month in their store, and I didn’t even get a smile or a thank you or even a handshake from the employees there.

No matter though. There are plenty of friendly people out there on the airwaves that make up for it. And they’re much clearer and brighter on the new television on the living room.

Word to you burglars out there reading this. My house is equipped with high tech laser taser burglar alarms. It has 3 or 6 battery back-ups located in secret places about the home, so don’t bother cutting our power off to gain entry. If you try to take my new television (or anything else for that matter), you’ll receive an electrical jolt that will light you up brighter than the Denison fireworks show on July 4th. I have to say this because I’m sure even burglars read the blogs.