We ventured out once again for the weekend and headed for Texarkana to see my grandparents. Along the way, we stopped in what's left of Petty, Texas. This image is an old crossing over the T&P line. If you were riding a train across here back in the day, this would be known as mile post 109. That means you're more than 100 miles from the Texarkana terminal.

2 or 3 or more generations of my Daddy's family worked for railroads. I remember when Daddy worked the Texarkana to Bonham job across this very rail line.

On my Mama's side of the family, my great-great-aunt Nora lived at Petty. When she was living, she told me anytime a train passed through she wondered if my Daddy was on it.

Daddy still works aboard trains, but I suspect it won't be long before he makes his last run as a paid employee. Retirement is just around the bend.

The rail line? It's all but gone now, but it comes alive when you remember the people that made it happen and kept towns like Petty, Texas alive for as long as they could.