The family and I spent the weekend back in a familiar place. One of my columnist mentors likes to call these kinds of places “the old hometown.” He actually has several “old hometowns” that can be referred to with the same blanket phrase, and I catch myself doing that from time to time but this place deserves more recognition than that.

Brazos County, Texas only has 5 incorporated towns within its borders. There’s Millican, Wixon Valley, Kurten, Bryan, and College Station. I love them all.

I’d been 18 years old for exactly one month when I packed my bags and left De Kalb and moved into a dormitory on the campus of Texas A&M. It was a family affair that I remember well. I’ll spare the details of all that happened between the time I arrived in Brazos County and the day I left. We’ll save all that for future dispatches.

I’ll add to this later, because It’s reading like there’s a big hole here. And there is.
But I’ll say now that I left a big part of me back there.