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IF YOU’VE EVER WONDERED what this kind of metal is referred to, look no further than here. This is known as Expanded Metal Mesh or Pulled Plate Wired Mesh. There’s much more on the world or metalworks at this link.

My eldest child is quickly becoming a non-child. I believe that means she’s growing up before our very eyes. I picked her up from drivers ed today and had her ferry us back to the house. She did much better than the expression in my face would indicate. -August 2019


This cuff link is missing its partner, so it’s retired to the top of my wardrobe. It’s a fine piece with the seal of Texas. I’ve run across many like it, but none just like it. Yes, I’m going to be that particular.


July 2018-

After turning 40, it was time.

I tried like hell, but I just couldn’t hang with the big names of the Mustache Hall of Fame. There are some great ones out there. It was an honor to attempt the feat though.

I even attempted the broom-only look. However, when I wore my glasses, I was told I looked like the Simpson’s neighbor Ned Flanders. Hey Diddly Ho Nope Neighbor.

Here’s the after pic:


Circa 1998 Bryan, Texas KBTX-TV


October 2017 De Kalb, Texas

Molly Blackmon and Kyle Barrett helping out with the Oktoberfest Parade PA duties as we call out the floats, the sponsors, and all the people we could as they pass in front of the viewing stand along Highway 82. The viewing stand was actually Benji Barrett’s flatbed truck from Barrett’s Auto Sales.


While I was out of town, the board of directors at the Haldeman Hotel -Waco voted to bring in another guest. This is Patch. That’s short for “Apache,” as in the famous Chevrolet Apache pickup owned by James Black. Our other guest, Mister Cat, is getting used to the new arrival, as any old tom cat would.


The “Raycom Room” as seen from the hotel lobby. We’ve resolved to secure a better location for IRE2019 in Houston.


Raycom Day at IRE2018, where 56 of our colleagues gathered to talk about the state of (investigative) content and show off great stories from the past year


From the March 9, 2016 edition of the Texarkana Gazette.

Photos courtesy of Andie martin

Texarkana Gazette 2016


Al Roker visits the Carlyss, Louisiana Fire Dept. and stopped to take a picture.


The State Theatre in De Kalb, Texas


Flag Hall outside of Seaton, Texas taken in 2018


Texarkana Gazette 1986


Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Co. A-1 freshman 1996

College Station, Texas

Top Row L-R: Kyle Gray, Travis Alton, Jim Bob Arnold, Stephen Herring

2nd Row L-R: Adam White, Mark Farrell, Stuart Rachal, fish Howard

3rd Row L-R: Jason Phillips, Michael Mann, Jerry Vandervoort, Charlie Haldeman

Bottom Row L-R: Molly Hagen, Matt Griffin, Richard Stravitsch, fish Ramirez


Spring 2018 outside Axtell, Texas with Matt Hines while chasing storms.


Just a random picture from 2017


A screenshot from my favorite television show, “In the heat of the night.”

Nobody associated with the show knows who man in the picture is.  We’re still on the hunt for his identity.  They claim it was just a prop on the show.

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