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April 2019

April 28, 2019

That’s Leslie Earl Tidwell riding shotgun. Tank is my grandfather. We’re checking on his cows.


April 21, 2019

EASTER SUNDAY – The day came late this year. Usually, Easter has already come and gone by the time mid-April happens upon us.

Hopefully, we’ve experienced all of the “snaps” in weather this year.

Also known as the Easter snap, that’s when a cold front blows through from the north with gray skies, rain, and chilly Canadian air behind it. It’s made many of these holidays miserable to attempt church and pictures and dinners.

Not today. Just wind today. Plenty of sun, but the wind wouldn’t quit.

Speaking of wind, we flew kites today. Hours of untangling string and kite tails for 30 minutes of flying. But what fun flying it was.

Taking pictures of kite flying with your mobile phone is about as effective as trying to snap an image of the moon at night on one of these walkie-talkie devices. It just doesn’t work.

Perhaps I’ll need to invest in one of those DSLR cameras. But then, I’d need to learn all about aperture and ISO Numbers. Maybe another time.

Today is also San Jacinto Day in Texas and Aggie Muster. If you happen to know someone who went off to Texas A&M and you don’t know what Muster is, you should ask them about it. Be prepared to sit a while to hear the answers. I promise you, it’s worth learning about.

April 21 is also a date that belongs in the non-existent book of LKCF. Spelled out, that means “Little Known Charlie Facts.”

April 21, 1984 was when I’d graduated from a small child’s baby blue New Testament Holy Bible that was a gift from Sue Howard and Bro. Bob Glen at the First Baptist Church. The replacement was an Easter gift from my parents. A regular sized King James Version with my name printed on the front by the Baptist Book Store in Texarkana.

On the inside was my mother’s handwriting. As beautiful as her mother’s penmanship, though in a much different style.

I wish I could remember all the words she wrote. All I do remember is the date and the first part: “Presented to Charlie Haldeman”

It came along with the traditional Easter basket and eggs that morning, of course.

After she gave it to me, she took my picture next to my swing set that day in the back yard of our house. I was dressed in a navy blue suit. All of 5 years old.

Somewhere around here is that Bible and that picture. I’ll have to try and find them and share with you one of these days.

Until then, Peace be with you on this Easter Sunday of 2019.

And also with you. And you as well.


April 16, 2019

Waco, Texas

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